Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Garden Felt Board

I was so inspired by the adorable
Garden Felt Board post
at Sewing School
(check them out on my side bar!)
that I had to try to make my own with the Frog Princess.

We actually made two,
one to keep, one to give as gift to one of our favorite toddler friends.

The best part is this garden doesn't need to be watered or weeded!
Unless you want to....

We plan to add more shapes as the seasons change.
Fall squirrels and leaves.
Winter snowmen.

Happy Gardening!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Felt Pretend Play Eggs Sunny Side Up

What do normal people do when they have 20 minutes of down time?
I don't know because I'm not normal.

Secret confession time:
I spend my time grabbing felt from my studio,
Cutting out three white blobs, three yellow circles,
and grabbing some "fluff" from my quilting stash.
I made three of these felt eggs for the girls to play with in their play kitchen.

They have plastic eggs that crack open
and I thought it would be more fun if they could have real eggs to stuff inside them.
So you are.

How cute would these be hidden in your kid's plastic easter eggs this year?
Hmm...I guess I should have saved them.

Pink and Green Mama 

If you like this, you may like my DIY Felt Easter Egg Color Matching Game too.

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