Monday, March 2, 2009

* Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained For A Snow Day!

Well, here we are trapped on the east coast under quite a blanket of snow.
Today I'll be posting some of our favorite snowy day activities
before we bundle up to hike up the street to have a snowy play date with our neighbors.

First up is my Paint Stick Snow Ruler project.
If you have some wooden paint stirring sticks stashed in your painting supplies in the garage/basement
time to go unearth one and throw some white paint on it today.
Directions can be found on my post here.

While you are waiting for paint to dry (or the snow to finish falling)
you can play with the kids in an indoor Oatmeal Box.
Like a sand box but much tastier!
Yes, you'll have some sweeping to do afterwards but
consider it to be a Montessori keeping house lesson.

Or get out your Winter Wonderland box with rice snow
(click on the link to check out mine and get ideas).
You can make an igloo out of Model Magic
or recycle an empty kleenex box/small shoe box into a snowy shelter.
Shoveling this kind of snow is a lot more fun!

When you are ready to head out into the snow
mix up a couple of spray bottles with food coloring water and make some rainbows!
Snow men are so much cooler with some Jackson Pollock style tie-die!

Come inside and warm up with some cocoa or better yet, make my favorite
chocolate cake in a mug recipe: Three Minute Chocolate Mug Cake Yummy!
While you're in the kitchen whip up some home-made scented play-doh
make labels for your favorite cold day spices
like Cinnamon Sugar (aka Fairy Dust in our house!)

Time for the kiddos to write and illustrate their own snowy day books with a simple
home-made blank book.

Snuggle up with some of our favorite snowy books like:
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats,
Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder,
The Snowy Day (Picture Book) by Anna Millbourne and Elena Temporin,
and Winter by Gerda Muller.

Mini-Saurus and the Frog Princess in their First Snow Together in 2008!

Stay warm and have fun!

Check out my Winter Fun E-Book for even more fun ideas!

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