Monday, March 16, 2009

Doctor Birthday Party Bash

We celebrated the Frog Princess' 6th Birthday
with a Doctor Party this weekend.

The cake she designed.
White, circle Fun-fetti cake with white frosting.
Coconut on the edge.
And a Red Cross symbol made out of gummy bears.

Our Family Room O.R.
The coffee table was draped in pale blue sheets
to serve as the operating table.
This is the frog princess getting toilet-papered by
some of her colleagues!

The Exploration Station.
(This was in our playroom.)

Blue Tray
You will find a Microscope with
different texture specimens

Yellow Tray:

Her dissecting Frog model
with squishy/sticky organs.
And a sticky brain...

Pink Tray:

Two with bones (flour and popsicle sticks)
one without bones (just flour)

Middle of the table:

Color changing heart model.
Walking Brain.
Magnifying Glass.

We also had our Shrek Operation Game
and our Play Mobil Hospital
set-up nearby.

Stay tuned...
More details to come in upcoming posts!

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