Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doctor Birthday Party Bash Part 4: Goody Bags

You can't have a party without
party favors....

The Frog Princess decorated white paper bags
with a red crayon "plus" and each child's name:
Dr. Frog Princess, etc.
Inside were goodies we've been collecting since
the Halloween clearance sales in October.

Included in the bag:
Purple gloves
(her favorite color) from our pediatrician (free!)
Eyeball Whoopee Cushions
Syringe Pens
Miracle Bubbles in Vial
($1 bin at Michaels)
Bio-Hazard Plasma Goo
(World Market)
Eyeball Glasses
Red Foam Clown Nose
(gift from Texas Grandma)
Manilla Folder with
Blank Prescriptions and Patient Chart
Body Book Worksheet from Scholastic
(print the PDF here)
Classroom Sticker Build-your-own
Organ and Skeleton Charts

I labeled clean baby food jars
with adhesive labels I printed on my computer.
Each jar contained 10 sponge capsule
bath tablets
that transform into dinosaurs or farm animals (from Dollar Tree!)
The "goo" was very popular with several of the guests...
not sure if it was as popular with their moms.

A demonstration from Mini-Saurus
on how to wear one's clown nose.

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