Thursday, March 19, 2009

Doctor Birthday Party Bash Part 2: The Science Lab

The FAVORITE Center at our Doctor Party Bash
was the Science Lab.
I set up my portable table in the kitchen
for the Doctors to conduct their lab experiments.

Everything was non-toxic
and the experiments used simple ingredients
from my kitchen:
oil, water, food coloring, milk, vinegar, and dish soap.

Each station was equipped with
a set of test tubes from Discount School Supply,
an eye dropper also from Discount School Supply,
a pipette from Oriental Trading Company,
and a re-purposed frozen mini-quiche tray.

Our centerpiece was one of our first experiments.
A home-made lava lamp.
A glass jar filled with cooking oil
and ice cubes dyed with food coloring.
As the cubes melted, the colored blobs slowly
floated to the bottom.
I got this great idea from my blogger buddy Lisa
over at 5 Orange Potatoes - Check out her Melting Rainbows post.

A bird's eye view of the color mixing action.
Each circle of the quiche trays was filled with water.
Three of them were filled with a drop of food coloring:
Red, Blue, and Yellow.

The kids experimented with mixing colors.
If you've been reading my blog for a while
you will recognize this project from my
Color My World - Rethink How You Can Use Your Trash post.

They also loved the
Milky Fireworks experiment.
1.Fill a rimmed baking sheet with a layer of milk.
2.Drop a few drops of food coloring in the milk.
3.Add a drop of dish soap to the center of each food coloring blob.
4.Sit back and Watch the colors mix and swirl.
It's like a time-lapse movie of a tie-dyed shirt.

The scientists at work in their lab.

WE also had a jar with an
Egg soaked in Vinegar
The acid dissolves the calcium carbonate
from the shell.
Some of the vinegar will pass through
the membrane and
plump up the egg.
The end result is a fat, gooey egg
that the kids and grown-ups
couldn't resist touching
(be careful not to pop it!)

Then we made them wash their hands
with soap immediately!

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