Monday, March 23, 2009

Doctor Birthday Bash Part Three: X-Ray Lab

One of the centers I set up for
the Frog Princess' 6th birthday party
was our X-Ray lab.

I ordered a set of
Animal X-Ray reproductions
from Discount School Supply
The kids (and moms!)
enjoyed guessing each animal.
I also set up our
Build-A-Skeleton Floor Puzzle
also from Discount School Supply.

The sliding glass windows and
my light box were perfect for this center.
In this photo: Green Leaf Frog, Baby Kangaroo,
a Veiled Cameleon, and a Green Iguana.

I also had some old human x-rays
of the spine, head, and torso.

For the record...
We were going to
make our own X-Ray prints

using Solar Print Paper
that I ordered from Discount School supply was raining.

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