Monday, March 30, 2009

Art History Lesson: Mehndi Hand Art from India

This month we studied the Art of India. I decided to do two projects with the Kindergarten class since I was in there on my daughter's birthday and we had some extra time.

We made Mehndi Hand designs by tracing hands on construction paper
and drawing "henna designs" with skinny brown pens. I told the children to hide their names
(and their family/friend's names) in their designs like a traditional wedding pattern.

Then we cut them out and used glue stick to attach them to eggplant paper.
This is excellent fine motor skills practice for kindergartners. 

For our second project, I found some old embossing foil (two sided - gold and silver)

The kids used an old magazine underneath, to serve as a cushion.
Then, they traced their hands and embossed designs with a pencil.

We mounted those on the eggplant paper as well.
The resulting hallway display made me feel like I was at an Indian Wedding.
The projects were BEAUTIFUL and we got so many compliments from other classrooms and parents in the building.

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