Monday, February 16, 2009

Parent and Kid's Craft: No Sew Fleece Pillow

No-Sew Projects are right up my alley!

Last month, the girls and I spotted some groovy rainbow fleece at our local Walmart. I picked up a half yard of each with plans to try a new project. I've seen those tie-your-own fleece quilt kits and thought why can't you make a pillow the same way?

Flash-forward a month to yesterday. The girls and I were looking for something to do. Weekend plans had been cancelled and all was quiet while the Frog Princess recovered from the stomach flu (yuck!) Time to make some feel better pillows. We had our fleece and a new bag of polyfil stuffing. We were good to go! They took about 20 minutes to make.

To make our feel better pillows, I just laid out two contrasting pieces of fleece and trimmed them into matching rectangles with my pinking sheers (we actually cut out 4 squares since we were making matching pillows for the girls) You can use the same fleece for the top and bottom or mix-and-match patterns. The girls like to mix-it-up so we went with rainbow on one side and black with rainbow dots on the other. It made it easier to see which pieces needed to be tied together. Then we cut 2.5" fringe around the edges (I eyeballed it) and started tying double knots (great practice for my kindergartener!) We left a small hole to stuff in the "fluff" then tied it shut.

End result: two cute pillows for TV time and instant comfort for a little girl who really needed a rainbow to cuddle after some very gray clouds. She named her pillow "squashy" and has declared that he is a caterpillar. We're sewing on two button eyes today. After we finished our craft yesterday I googled "fleece pillows" and yes there are a million of them on the internet - who knew?! I guess we made ours the right way, I think it would be hard to make them the "wrong" way unless you didn't tie them tightly enough and all of the stuffing came out.

Happy crafting!

What kind of low key crafts do you do with your kids when they're not feeling well?

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