Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mission Organization: Taming the Playroom Clutter

I can't say enough good things about baskets and bins for taming piles of clutter in our house. I love these colored cube bins I found for the girl's toys a few years ago but we waste time and lose track of "critical" playthings because you can't see what is inside of them. I decided it was time to figure out a labeling system.

The school teacher in me wanted laminated labels to hold up to the wear and tear of daily use and abuse. I mourn the loss of my "all-access" laminator my last teaching job afforded me. I also REALLY miss the big Ellison press (especially now that I'm a scrap-booking addict) but that's another story.

Nowadays, I have to think out of the box to find solutions for my laminating needs. I was going to buy ID badge holders in the office supply aisle but then I found these little gems. They are self-laminating (read: no machine or heat required!) pouches. I guess they are for laminating business cards or making tags to tie onto your luggage but they were perfect for my playroom mission organizations project.

Just print out your photos or images from the web to make kid-friendly labels, slip them inside the little pouch, peel off the sticky backing and viola! A perfectly laminated little corner-rounded label to attach to your toy bins and baskets. I just punched a little hole in each corner and tied them to the handles of my toy bins with ribbon.

I really would like to thank the folks at Scotch for coming up with this!

Ahh....contented sigh from mommy. No more Geo Trax all over the floor.

Behold the glory of the rainbow box containing all of the play silks!

Musical instruments contained in one big basket-- music to my ears!

If you think this is a great idea, you should swing by The Shabby Nest to see the Taming the Kid Clutter party being hosted today by Wendy and Pretty Organizer!

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