Friday, February 6, 2009

* Painted Snow - Have Some Crafty Snow Day Fun!!

The next time you're stuck indoors with the kids on a snow day,
ask yourself, "What would Pink and Green Mama do?"
The answer: get crafty with the kiddos!
Mix up some food coloring and water in spray bottles and paint the snow.

Whenever the weather outside is frightful, we bundle up 
and head outside to make some installation art.
I get out the spray bottles and fill them with colored water
(e.g. Water + Food Coloring OR Kool-Aid)
What would I do without food coloring?

I give my pint-sized Picasso three bottles,
and the world becomes her canvas.
She even armed herself with spray bottles as she slid down the yard on her sled,
leaving colored stripes in her wake!

I love watching the Frog Princess mix colors in the snow.
When else does mom say, "Sure... paint the deck blue!"
The deck never looked more festive.

There is nothing like a little rainbow to brighten a gray and snowy day.

This is so much cooler than the other kind of yellow snow!

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