Friday, February 13, 2009

Love-Ly Hand Sanitizer Project. Friday Feature: Crafty Hand-Cleaner Project!

I absolutely adore (worship) "Crafty Chris" (my nickname for her) from Just a Girl. When you have some spare-time swing over to her blog and give her some bloggy love. Her blog is chock-a-block full of fantastic decorating ideas and tasteful/beautiful crafts. She had me at hello but when I found her post about teacher gifts in her blog archive I knew I'd found my soul mate. Why couldn't she have been one of my classroom moms when I was still teaching? She made these adorable decorated hand sanitizer bottles as teacher gifts for valentine's day and I just had to try it with my own little crafty girl.

The frog princess has three adults who transport her to and from kindergarten each day. One morning bus driver, one afternoon bus driver, and one adult assistant (Miss Val a.k.a Miss "Val"-entine today!) on the bus to help a special needs child who rides her bus. At Christmas, Miss Frog Princess made adorable bus cards for each of her "drivers" and decided this morning that we needed Valentine's for each of them.

Now, I just happened to stock up on three bottles hand sanitizer ($1 each!) at the dollar tree last week. I was planning to decorate them "Just-A-Girl-style" for our own house but the Frog Princess pleaded a good case to me so we dolled up the bottles with some clear CM scrap-booking stickers and foam shapes to give as gifts at the bus stop today. Notice how she used a sharpie to add bus details to the yellow van foam stickers. She added the yellow "travel" and blue "road trip" ribbons with much giggling.

Happy Crafting!

We'll be having a nice quiet day tomorrow. Daddy and the Frog Princess will be building a heart jewelry box at a free Lowes build-it-and-grow workshop in the morning followed by a home-cooked Valentine's day dinner with a special guest, her Kindergarten teacher!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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