Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fun Gifts You Can Make for Your Kids - Garden In A Box

In continuation with our box themes we now have a "Garden Box" sensory box.
This is like the Ocean Box
Winter Wonderland Box (photos and post coming this month) 

This could be a "Fairy Garden", a "Bug Habitat" or even a "Jungle"

 I used shredded green paper from Easter time 
(you could also just run some green scraps through a document shredder) 
silk flowers, a small watering can (no water of course!) 
assorted plastic bugs and frogs, a small pail and some mini gardening tools.

The girls have been having a blast "planting" and "picking" flowers.

The polly pockets and fairies have been traipsing around in the wilderness and have been on the lookout for camouflaged giant lizards!

Happy Spring! 


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