Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bloggy Christmas Ornament Exchange

Three gorgeous ornaments we've received so far....

Quality Control:
Here are our scrapbook paper ornaments being inspected by Mini-Saurus
before we mailed them.

(We made mini versions to go on the girl's christmas trees.)

The Frog Princess and I participated in a wonderful Kid's Christmas Ornament exchange through Cami's Blog at Full Circle. Our theme was "Winter Wonderland" and we were to create home-made ornaments with our children. The Frog Princess is the glitter glue queen. She rocked adding ornaments and garland to our scrapbook paper trees.

120 families are participating this year (WOW!) and we each make 7 ornaments to send to 7 other bloggy families and will get 7 ornaments in return. How cool is that?! I'm super excited to see my new ornaments and to make new bloggy friends. Crafts, Christmas, Family, and Blogging, Four of my favorite things!

It has been so fun going to the mail box each day to see if we've gotten a new ornament. Three have arrived so far (see the photo above) and by the Frog Princess' reaction to each of them you would think that Santa himself arrived in each of those envelopes. Thank you ladies for such a fun new tradition!

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