Sunday, November 9, 2008

Homemade Gifts Your Kids Will Like: Pretend Pizza

I love felt. It's so very Martha and it's easy to work with. Felt is inexpensive, it comes in enough colors to make a lot of cute stuff with and in my opinion, is a crafter's dream. I made this fun little pizza for my girls by recycling a small pizza box and lining it with some felt (it was a very clean pizza box -- if you needed one, I bet you could ask your local pizza place for a box) I made the pizza crust with stiff brown felt and the sauce and toppings are just cut out of scraps of soft felt (red triangle sauce, white onions and mushrooms, green peppers, yellow cheese and pineapple, black olives. The fabulous part is that the felt sticks to itself (just like a felt board) so it can be made and disassembled over and over again. The whole pie is cut into quarters and the girls love to make and deliver pizzas to each other in the playroom. Now isn't this more fun than a plastic fake pizza?

This would be such an easy craft to make as a fun and inexpensive gift for your own kids (don't forget cousins, nieces, nephews, box project recipients, etc) this upcoming holiday season. This would also be super cute to make and give as a birthday gift for that special small someone in your life, if your kids are old enough they can help you make it

I bet you can't resist playing with it yourself!

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