Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of a New Year

The first day of a new year isn't January 1st for me. New Years Eve is a night for party invitations you don't want to go to, watching a movie, and looking up at the clock sometime past midnight and nudging my husband and saying, "oh, happy new year."

I track my life in school years. Even though it's been years since I sat in a classroom it's the way I can always remember doing things. Elementary school: K, 1,2,3.... Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate school. As a teacher, I kept track of the school years in clusters: '98-'99, '99-2000. Then I kept track for a while by my daughter's age: 6 weeks, 4 months, 13 months...

The process came full circle today as the Frog Princess got on that big yellow bus for her first day of Kindergarten. I wasn't as overwhelmed as I thought I would be. Yes, she looked very small climbing those big steps, yes she was at my bedside at 5 am this morning in the darkness crying about being scared of school, and yes I brought extra kleenex and wore my dark sunglasses so she wouldn't see me cry. But, there was comfort in knowing that I can start keeping track my my days again with a new routine and the start of a new school year. It seems fitting that my first/ever blog entry would be posted after that same little girl bounded toward our family at the bus stop this afternoon and announced "Kindergarten Rocks!" Here's to the first day of a new year.

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